A bit about me

by annagrant94

My name is Anna Grant  I have recently completed a BTEC and a Foundation in art and design and I am now currently studying Textile Design at De Montfort University

I have always had a keen interest in constructed textiles, hand knitting being one I have practised with my Nan since I was little and weave I have explored a little on a make shift handmade loom (creating some half decent samples.) As well as constructed textiles I can’t wait to explore other textile pathways at university.


Stitch Embroidery using the sewing machine is something I have also become very interested in, with it being another way of drawing and portraying my ideas.

An era which inspires me is the 1940’s 50’s, a mark in history for women becoming their own person and a big change in fashion. Taking a big jump from war-time clothing being masculine and non structured to structured and sophisticated, with a transformation in print and colour.

With so much change within design, structuring to clothing and also the change within women’s rights and how they have made and impacted on both the fashion world and everyday life is what I find inspiring. Christian Dior’s 1947 ‘New Look’ is an example of the change within fashion (black and white image below.)

Photography is another way I like to capture interesting compositions and objects that I find inspiring I sometimes use them as inspiration within my own work and also take images that interest me.