Reflective Statement

by annagrant94

As the certain areas where chosen for us to write about this helped a lot when it came to choosing a certain topic.  I looked forward to choosing something that both inspired me and was also something I had an interest in. Researching into different parts of the topic and finding out interesting information, how things were made and where it all stemmed from and their influences and inspirations. Also looking at the imagery of the different things they had created, and the images that were related to the topic  really inspired me and give me an insight into what things looked like at the start of a process and how this had developed into now. It’s also been inspiring to look at other people’s blogs and to see what sort of things they are writing about and their personal interests.

If I were to carry on with my blog I would like to research different people / designers and things that inspire me within my own work and also things that I have created and achieved myself, to show different processes and techniques I have explored within my work, and to share my way of working and being inspired.